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A special edition double CD of British and American

folk songs recent and old

now available

All proceeds are being donated to The Alzheimers Society

Minimum donation for a copy £5.00

Available at my gigs or just message me

through the contact page to arrange purchase.


CD 1 – Across the Western Ocean            CD 2 – Time to Come Home


American Stranger                                           Dido Bendigo

Red Rag to a Bull                                                          Lowlands

House Carpenter                                       The Birkenhead Drill

Come From The Heart                                 The Banks of the Bann

 Haunted House Blues                                         The January Man

 Don’t Think Twice It's Alright                        The Maid From Coolmore

 Our Lady of the Highways *                                      Canadeeio

 Ragtime Millionaire                                              In the Sidings

 Lakes of Ponchartrain                             Ralph & Davey Go Picking

 Got Me a Woman *                                                 Gypsy

Across the Western Ocean                 When I Was No But Sweet Sixteen

                                                       Innisvaddy Annie

                                               Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy

                                                       Nights Like This

                                                     Time to Come Home

   * with Tom Doughty - Slide Guitar and Vocals


Thanks folks!

£320 so far sent to The Alzheimers Society!



......and another £250. - Thanks once again!

It’s a song that keeps me holding on


When everything round me is going wrong


It’s a song that helps to clear my mind


When I can’t tell the reason from the rhyme


                   What is it that makes us strong


                   Lets us know where we belong


                   What is it can set us free


                   Voices raised in harmony